Orléans Prestige Gardens Sheds Inc.

Our Distinction serie includes a wide variety of prestigious sheds available in a multitude of colors. Designed with attention to detail, combining strength and elegance, these models raise quality standards to the highest rank.

Specific features of Distinction serie:

  • Rafters: 2”x 4″- 24” c/c (51mm x 102mm – 610mm c/c)
  • Walls: 2”x 4” – 16” c/c (51mm x 102mm – 40.64cm c/c)
  • Walls: 88″ tall (2.2m)
  • Wafer board walls: 7/16″ thickness (12mm)
  • Floor Structure: 2″x 6″ 12” c/c (51mm x 153mm – 30.48 cm c/c)
  • Flooring: 5/8″ thickness
  • Smooth floor with reinforcements
  • Adjustable cylinders: front and back on concrete blocks
  • Embossed steel door
  • Multiple colors available for aluminum windows (or white PVC)
  • Aluminum door frame
  • Frames with seals and anti-vibration
  • Nylon moldings on the door frame
  • Rubber brushes under the door
  • Aluminum door sills
  • Fixed ramps on the threshold of the door available (Optional)
  • Garage sized door choices
  • PVC: windows and door windows with identical frames
  • Door Handle 38″ ( 96.5 cm ) from the bottom of the door
  • Standard sand-frosted windows
  • Hardened and certified glass (3.0mm)
  • Aluminum awnings, shutters and window headers (optional)

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