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Premier Kite Design

Established in 1983, Premier Kites & Designs, a division of Primus Inc., is a leading kite, garden art and home and garden decor manufacturer.

Premier’s WindGarden line is equally impressive. They feature hundreds of garden spinners, wind spinners, and specialty banners made with fade-resistant SunTex™ fabric for unmatched durability. Featuring Premier’s heavy-duty hardware, patented low-friction hubs, and superior craftsmanship, WindGarden spinners are colorful, durable, moving works of art.Their Accent Home & Garden line features Premier’s revolutionary Brilliance technique, which employs state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing with fine embroidery top stitching. There beautiful Brilliance flags have reinvigorated the flag industry. Visit their site to see all the models and call or visit us to order.

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